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Guest_7152: There's a tool called the 'egg cuber', which is used to make square-shaped eggs. All you have to do is crack the egg into this cube-shaped tool and drop the tool into hot water. Your cube-shaped boiled eggs are ready!All kinds of novelty kitchen products are being introduced in the market today. While some are overly specific, such as the bell pepper corer, onion holder, corn stripper, etc., others are multipurpose kitchen gadgets that can be used for two to three different purposes.Manufacturers know how busy people are, and with no time to spare, any gadget or tool that can help reduce elbow grease is always welcome. And that's how different egg tools have come into existence. These tools have been designed to make cooking, serving, and eating eggs much simpler.However, how many of these tools are must-haves? Not many of us can afford to spend money on such specialized gadgets, especially when there are non-expensive ways of getting the same job done. Thus, in this Buzzle article, besides taking a look at the different egg tools, we'll also take a look at simpler alternatives one can use to accomplish the same task.Different Types of Specialized Egg ToolsSpecialized egg cups are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. They may be of the simple or classic type, or may be fancy with intricate patterns on them. Egg cups are available in porcelain, glass, and even in the metal variety. They are used to hold soft-boiled eggs in an upright position, thereby, enabling you to easily crack the top of your egg.Alternative Vodka glasses or shot glasses make good alternatives to egg cups. If you don't have vodka glasses, how about using small wine glasses to hold the eggs. In fact, just look around your kitchen for anything that you think will hold your egg in the upright position. Sometimes, even little tea cups make good egg holders.This specialized tool is used to slice slippery, hard-boiled eggs, nice and evenly. Just one press is enough to obtain even slices. The egg slicer comprises a base for holding the egg and a hinged top with slicing wires to slice it. This tool can also be used to dice eggs, perfect for salads and sandwich fillings. Besides eggs, this slicer can also be used to slice mushrooms, strawberries, soft cheeses, pitted olives, etc. If you make sandwiches frequently, this is a good tool to own.Alternative Before the egg slicer was invented, knives were used to slice eggs. Even now, you can use a sharp knife to slice a hard-boiled egg. However, this may be time-consuming, especially if you have many eggs to slice.Those who are into baking a large number of cakes during the holiday season definitely need to get an egg separator to make life easier. With this egg separator, you can easily separate the yolk from the white, by allowing the white to pass through and holding the yolk intact. The separators also come with lips and handles, which allow them to rest on the bowl, leaving your hands free to crack the eggs. The handle allows you to conveniently transfer the yolks to another mixing bowl.Alternative Not everybody is into baking a large number of cakes; thus, this tool isn't a necessity. If you don't have an egg separator, simply crack the egg into half, and carefully separate the two halves, such that the yolk remains intact. Pour the egg white into a bowl, and then use the empty shell to pass the yolk back and forth, until the yolk has been separated from the white.These tools or rings are used to prepare perfectly shaped fried eggs. So, often when you crack an egg to prepare a sunny-side up, the egg white runs to the sides of the pan, causing the egg to look weird. Egg rings help contain the egg white, which give the perfect shape that is desired. These rings are made of heat-resistant materials, and come with little handles to easily lift it off the pan. They are also available in various interesting shapes.Alternative An interesting alternative would be to use slices of bell pepper (horizontal slices) to contain the eggs. Since bell peppers have naturally appealing colors and shapes, they form 'eggcellent' rings. You can even cut out bread rings using cookie cutters and then use the frame to hold the egg. However, the egg will fuse with the bread.If deviled eggs are frequently prepared and eaten at home, it's time you purchased a deviled egg holder. This dish comes with egg-shaped slots to hold the eggs in place. Often, you find your eggs tilting on the plate, making a mess of the final presentation. With these egg holders, you no longer have to worry about them standing firm. Then there are specialized deep spoons to hold the eggs as well. Disposable egg holders are also available.Alternative If you prepare deviled eggs once in a while, and don't want to invest in a specialized holder, you can use small onion rings to hold the eggs. However, choosing the right size becomes time-consuming. Or else you can cut out cucumber rings using circular cookie cutters to hoist your deviled eggs. But perfecting these alternatives will take time and practice.Cooking soft-boiled eggs is always a gamble. How many times have we intended to make soft-boiled eggs, only to end up overcooking them. Taking them out of the boiling water at the exact minute, every busy morning can be challenging. However, with an egg timer, you needn't worry about forgetting about the eggs, because the buzzer will let you know when it's time. Just set the time, and wait for the buzzer to go off.Alternative Since we all own cell phones today, the cell phone timer is something we can easily use to help keep tab of the time. When the timer beeps, you can take out your eggs. Or else you can use your stop watch; however, you'll have to keep checking it.Like electric rice cookers, egg boilers are kitchen appliances that make cooking easier. Just pour a specified quantity of water into the boiler and place the eggs into the holder. Piercing them prior to boiling can help prevent them from cracking. Then, simply place the lid on and adjust the egg control panel to desired doneness: soft, medium, or hard. Switch the boiler on and wait for the beep. These boilers come with different capacities, so purchase one according to your family's egg consumption capacity.Alternative The conventional method of boiling eggs has been to use a cooking pot filled with water. You can use any pot you like; just make sure it can hold enough water to submerge the eggs. However, you will have to keep an eye on the time for desired level of doneness.Egg whisks are used to air egg whites for fluffy omelets, pancake batter, etc., and even to prepare egg washes. These whisks may be of different kinds: balloon, flat, spiral, etc. Balloon whisks are great to work with eggs, because they help incorporate air easily. They are again available in different materials, so choose according to your personal preference.Alternative To whisk eggs for an omelet, simply use your spoon. However, airing the eggs with the spoon will take longer. You can also use a fork to whisk your eggs.An electric egg beater is required to beat egg whites to a fluff, to form stiff peaks, etc., which give cakes their fluffiness. This electrical appliance helps aerate egg whites rapidly and at an even pace. They are excellent and especially useful while beating a large number of eggs.Alternative A hand rotatory beater can be used instead of the electric type; however, it demands more time and energy. It's useful in places that experience frequent power cuts.The biggest mistake people make while preparing deviled eggs is spooning the filling into the egg white halves. Spooning gives a shabby finish and causes the deviled eggs to look messy and unappetizing. It's important to use a piping bag to pipe out the yolk filling.Alternative If you're not into baking and do not have a piping bag at home, simply take a Ziploc bag and fill it up with the mixture. Squeeze the mixture such that it's forced to collect at one end. Then snip off the tip and pipe out the filling.With or without these specialized egg tools, eggs have been cooked and relished for ages. So, don't get too caught up with purchasing these egg-friendly tools. If you're cooking for a large family on a daily basis, some of these tools may save a lot of elbow grease; however, if it's just the four of you, accumulating such tools leads to unwanted clutter in the kitchen cabinets. So, purchase wisely!
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Guest_7792: To become a great cook, you will need all the essential cooking area equipment and gadget. But unfortunately a number of these home gadgets we buy never ever get made use of once we make these purchases being unsure of that will work for us. One of the more used device in today's cooking area is an immersion blender and there are many alternatives of this device. An immersion blender is like a mini meals processor and it's also very useful and important for blending soups, making purees, smoothies, mayonnaise and different sauces. An immersion blender also called stick blender or hand-held blender is a rather functional appliance having within the cooking area. Naturally not totally all immersion blenders shopping are efficient. Which means you have to read immersion blender reviews before purchasing one.The Gordon Ramsay Bamix Hand Blender This kind of hand blender is termed after and endorsed by star cook Gordon Ramsay. It is somewhat regarding costly side but definitely worth the cash the functions you can get. It comes with 4 blade accessory that allows you to mix, whisk, chop, grind and liquidize meals. Moreover it comes with a 400 ml polycarbonate beaker in making mayonnaise and aioli along with Bamix stay that houses all the four attachments effectively. Additionally you also get a Bamix dish book while the Gordon Ramsay Instructional DVD. It provides two-speed configurations of 12000 rpm and 18000 rpm as well as comes with a 10 year warranty. It really is among the best immersion blenders in the market and it surely will absolutely create your life easier when you look at the kitchen area. Philips Crucial Collections Hand Blender This expert looking hand blender includes a robust 700 watt engine and in addition features several speeds alternative. The stainless blades and two chopper attachment and whisking accessory allows you to prepare several types of food in a jiffy. The multiple-speed option for this blender is effective in mixing of soups and other fluids which needs a slower speed. And also this averts any spillage in the kitchen area which takes destination because higher mixing rates. The Philips crucial Collections Hand Blender is great affordability and is sold with a year of guarantee. KitchenAid KHB300 Immersion Blender This immersion blender is well-equipped to-do numerous food arrangements that's needed is within the cooking area. It comes with a four piece chopper accessory that will chop veggies, fruits, herbs and nuts. Additionally it is ideal for chopping and mincing cooked meat. It has an independent whisking attachment that lets you make mayonnaise, whisk egg whites and ointment in just a matter of moments. It also has actually three plastic glasses or beakers that allows you to whisk eggs and salad dressings. This immersion blender comes with a-one 12 months replacement guarantee. Wolfgang Puck WPIB0010 Variable Speed Immersion Blender The Wolfgang Puck WPIB0010 Variable Speed Immersion Blender is fully prepared for house prepare who does a lot of cooking. It has numerous accessories that lets you mix, chop, mince, puree and grind veggies, fruits and nuts. It comes down with five different bowl accessories in differing sizes for planning several types of food. Its powerful engine and stainless blades tends to make organizing food very simple and simple. Furthermore ergonomically designed with an extra lengthy shaft for ease of maneuvering. An immersion blender is a really useful and essential appliance and so you should be aware immersion blender reviews, before buying one. You can review some food processor reviews if you should be uncertain whether to buy a food processor or an immersion blender. In the event that you consider food processor vs blender, an immersion blender is better as it is transportable, efficient and easy to completely clean. A hand blender within kitchen makes planning meals less difficult and simpler.
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Guest_3828: You live in a small one-bedroom apartment that does not have the space that you could need for all the furniture that you want. But you need a desk where you can sit and write or just work on your computer. A solution to all these problems is investing in a small desk for corner spaces. These desks do not take up much space and are elegant solutions to the problem at hand.The biggest benefit of using a corner desk for a room that is low on space is the fact that you allow your room to look more spacious, with room to move around. Also another big advantage is the cost-effectiveness of the same. You can easily buy a corner desk of good quality for a fraction of the amount that you will spend on a bigger desk. If you like to shift around your furniture, then owning a corner table that can be assembled with ease will allow you to move it around easily. It will definitely be easier on your back. It is a universally-acknowledged fact that the more space you have, the more you will be prone to messing it up. With corner desks that are minimalistic in nature, the mess that you spread around will definitely be much lesser. Studies have shown that desks with less mess tend to increase efficiency and therefore, are the perfect furniture for offices.These desks are the perfect solution for people who live or work in cramped areas and do not want to make the lack of space seem overbearing for people who walk in. If you are opting for a small desk, then there are a variety of options at your disposal. You can either choose to get a desk custom made, which will be tailored to the space that you have or choose to buy one of the many options that are available in the market. In the next section, we detail out the options that you have.If you have a desk in your room, then this is the place that you are going to use for storage. Papers, CDs, files, stationery, everything is going to find space on that tiny desk and you need to ensure that it does not look messy. There are many different patterns that are available in the market today and you can choose from these different plans.Minimalistic Desks If you are looking for a desk design that does not provide for much other than a space to write on, then this type of a desk could suit your purpose. These desks work well for the corridors in lounge areas for decorative items or in the kitchen area to place kitchen gadgets on. There are also options with minimal storage areas that work well for very tiny offices. You could also purchase a minimalistic desk with no storage and place a wall storage unit for a functional space. Available in a variety of colors, these can be perfectly matched to the design of your room.L-shaped Desks These are one of the most popular designs for corner desks as they use space very efficiently. They can be placed in the crevice like 90 degree area that is formed between two walls, saving a lot of space and using it creatively. These desks are available in big and small sizes and with or without storage space. Also these desks are extremely affordable and cost-effective. These desks are easily available at most furniture marts.Collapsible Desks Another great option that can allow you to work on the illusion of space in the room are collapsible desks. These desks can be folded out when you need to use them. Generally mounted on the wall, you can customize a desk to come with storage space that is also wall mounted. This will allow you to have space to store all your important papers. It is fashionable, unique, and functional and the perfect solution for a small room.These are the best options as it will allow your room to look neat and elegant, without being overtly crowded. It is always a good idea to get an interior decorator to look at the space that you have so that they can make the best suggestion for your room. Do not opt for boring furniture. Instead opt for furniture that draws attention to the beauty of the room and enhances the natural elegance.
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